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Last Minute Drugstore Gifts Become Oddly Touching In New Boots Christmas Ad

By the way, get ready for Christmas ads.

Since the latest slogan for U.K. drugstore chain Boots is "Let’s Feel Good," it’s only right that an accompanying Christmas ad focuses on the royal We.

In a series of brief vignettes, Christmas gift-receiving is shown as a participatory event, where gifter and giftee use the new haul together. Created by agency Mother London, the ad features mostly amateur actors and real-life family members and couples, a casting move which lends the Christmas-morning rapport on display a natural feel.

In each scene, someone receives a gift that was definitely purchased at a drugstore—an act that might ordinarily smack of zero forethought. Somehow, though, through the use of the first-person plural suggestion "let’s," each gift not only doesn’t seem like a last-minute snag, but it takes on the highly personal cache of coming from someone who thoroughly knows the recipient. For example, an older brother says, "Let’s sort that thing out," upon handing his thinly mustachioed brother an electric razor. While there is certainly still something to be said for a luxury car with a giant red bow around it, this works too.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video for the ad below.