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Sometimes You Have To Stop Everything And Watch Cats Skydiving to an R. Kelly Song

Yes, of course it’s that R. Kelly song.

The Internet’s widely documented cat obsession has been creatively harnessed for commercial purposes every now and then with interesting results. See for example the video that surfaced online this week showing a litter of cats soaring through the sky like so many tiny Blue Angels.

Swedish insurance company Folksam took the customer-centric approach of responding to a client who insures her cat with an ad dedicated just to her. Created by Akestam Holst, the ad unleashes the dulcet tones of R. Kelly’s "I Believe I Can Fly"—natch—while skydiving felines come together to spell the name Eva (the lovingly insured cat who inspired the ad). No word yet on whether the Cravendale cats approve, or if they feel that this ad is just pandering to their demographic.