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Delta's Pre-Flight Safety Videos Offer Something You Haven't Seen Before

In an effort to add variety to the pre-flight safety announcements, Delta is rolling out a new series of videos designed to change over time in little ways, so you may never see the same one twice.

As we’ve noted recently, airlines are changing the way they conduct pre-flight safety announcements, with less ignorable videos. One of the more interesting efforts in this vein comes from Delta, which decided to not only change its video, but to ensure that it keeps changing.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy New York and director Matt Aselton, the new series of videos are designed to roll out over time until eventually there are enough in rotation to keep frequent flyers on their toes. In addition to their evolving nature, these videos attempt to inject some fun into the proceedings, demonstrating the turning off of electronic devices with a crash test-style robot powering itself down.

Some of the differences in videos are more subtle than others. There are different flight attendants conducting the announcements in each one, but other changes are harder to catch. Two young girls playing Jenga to demonstrate the effects of turbulence in one version are replaced by an elderly woman sipping a shaky tea cup in another. All passengers looking back to see where the exit is, just as an embarrassed guy leaves the loo, is replaced in another video by a scene of everyone similarly craning their necks to see, while a guy in a neck brace struggles to do the same.

Watch the above video and a second one below to compare further.