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"Jesus Christ!" Viral Dog Fenton Returns To Wreak Havoc On Deer In High-Def

The labrador who spawned a meme with last year’s deer-herding video returns in a high-def "remastered" version that shows everything you didn’t see before. (Including the dinosaur.)

Fenton, the world’s most unruly labrador is back.

Last year, the capricious canine was seen in a widely circulated clip ignoring his owner’s increasingly agitated screams while chasing down a herd of deer. You may have heard someone yelling the dog’s name and/or "Jesus Christ!" in meme-y tribute, or perhaps seen the book he spawned in Barnes & Noble. The only problem with the Fenton video—if there can be said to be a problem with perfection—is that it was shot from a distance, never affording the viewer a close-up shot of the adventurous labrador in action. Thanks to U.K. mobile phone network EE's new "remastered" version of the video, though, this problem is no more.

Because EE’s 4G service purportedly allows customers to stream HD YouTube videos anywhere, without buffering, the company wanted to show what the Fenton video might look like as seen through their particular lens. Similar to the way the Leeroy Jenkins viral was re-imagined recently, this new version has some cinematic flourishes.

Created by London-based agency Poke and production company Passion Pictures, and directed by award-winning documentarian David Allen, the new video shows Fenton in all his high-def glory. The hopelessly befuddled dad’s widely mimicked cries of "Jesus Christ!" can now be heard in crisp sound. There’s also slow-motion, panning shots, and if you look closely, you may just notice that there are now some other animal friends and even a dinosaur included in the stampeding herd. That must be one talented dog.

The original video: