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Don't Stop Believing In Your Smellf, Old Spice Urges

Old Spice’s latest musclebound muse, Greg Jennings, returns to extol the powers of the official deodorant and body wash of the NFL.

When you think of the great mysteries of pop culture, you wonder what Bill Murray said to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation, or whether Total Recall was all a dream, or who it was that let the dogs out. Perhaps now, though, you might also have occasion to wonder how Green Bay Packers great, Greg Jennings, got stuck in the cement.

In the latest Old Spice ad, created as usual by Wieden + Kennedy Portland (which is looking for some help doing so in the future), Jennings returns to say more about the official deodorant and body wash of the NFL. Somehow trapped inside of a hunk of street cement, with both his ass and his face in the air, Jennings has some inspiring thoughts on dealing with negative situations and believing in one’s smellf.

Watch another short new ad from Old Spice below.