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Azealia Banks' "Fierce" Fashion Sense, Made Shoppable

The white-hot young rapper and budding style icon serves up a new video, in which she’s decked out head-to-toe in clothes by ASOS—all of which are available on the UK fashion retailer’s website.

Typically, when fashion magazines profile the hot new celebrity style maverick, they include some tips for how the reader might "get that look!" In the case of young rapper/human glitter bomb Azealia Banks, however, cribbing style notes could not be made any easier.

In the new video for "Fierce," a track off Banks’ Fantasea mixtape, the fast-rhyming fashionista is seen writhing around in a series of alluring ensembles that should be familiar in kind to anyone who’s seen her previous videos (in which bejewelled bras are frequently worn as tops.) This video isn’t just a video, however; it’s also a living catalogue of outfits available for purchase by UK clothing retailer ASOS. Fans can click over after watching and discover which bejewelled bra is right for them.

Elsewhere on the site, users can find other Azealia-approved offerings to check out in a section she guest-edited. Unfortunately, the mermaid-warrior ensembles that the hip-hop princess wears in her recent video for "Atlantis"does not seem to be up for grabs also.