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Dominos Shows Us The Future Of Pizza Delivery

Pizza deliverers are one step closer to having their own cars not smell like pizza.

Dominos Shows Us The Future Of Pizza Delivery

Ever since 2009, when Domino’s found itself in a tie for last place in national pizza chain rankings, the company has made its own road to reinvention part of its marketing message. Now, the company has a new set of wheels for the next phase of its journey.

As we mentioned a couple of months ago, Domino’s launched its Ultimate Vehicle Delivery Project, in order to find a vehicle purpose-built for the service of pie conveyance. A partnership with open-source car company Local Motors, the contest not only promised $10,000 to the winning entrant, but also that a guaranteed prototype would be created from his or her design. Earlier this week, a winner was announced.

The six-week search concluded with Anej Kostrevic of Slovenia, whose design was chosen out of over 200 entries. His "Domino’s Pack" van is based on ultra-compact vehicles like the Smart car, only customized for the task of delivering piping-hot pizzas. It has large sliding shelves for carrying several heater bags’ worth of pizza, a refrigerator built in for soda bottles, and a removable sliding side drawer. And of course, no modern pizza delivery service would be complete without a large-screen LCD unit to provide GPS navigation.

Of course, this initial design phase was only the beginning. There are four more phases, which will also have competition elements built into them, rolling out in the coming months. Up next is the Packaging competition, which seeks to bring the Domino’s Pack up to spec. Following that crowdsourced search will be phases focused on the Interior, Surfacing, and finally Rendering. No word yet on which part of the contest will design a "pizza smell"-resistant uniform for the delivery team.

Watch a Domino’s Ultimate Vehicle Competition Thank You clip below.