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Can You Spot The Elf Code In Air New Zealand's Hobbit-Themed Safety Video?

Air New Zealand has a penchant for making in-flight safety videos people might actually want to watch. Its latest effort has a Middle Earth twist.

In its continuing efforts to make pre-flight safety videos an anticipated event rather than a cue to tune out, Air New Zealand launched a new video, to screen on flights starting this week, featuring its home country’s most famous export: hobbits.

In advance of the Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, "An Unexpected Briefing" features the standard airplane safety spiel, only delivered by Elvish flight attendants to an audience that contains some familiar Middle Earth types. In addition to a cameo from series director Sir Peter Jackson, the video features appearances from all manner of Mordor-fearing dwarves, wraiths, orcs, and hobbits—all getting schooled on where to store their gear during flight. Even the covetous creature known as Gollum shows up, courtesy of Jackson’s Weta Workshop crew of visual effects wizards.

Easter Egg for the super-fans alert: Air New Zealand is offering a Global Sweepstakes called "Find and Unlock the Elvish Code," in which viewers can win a bundle of (precious) prizes, including a flight and hotel stay in New Zealand for the Hobbit premiere. Look closely during the safety video and try to find all the hidden Elvish codes, then enter here to unlock the door to Bag End and possibly the bounty within.

Watch below for a look at Weta’s "World’s Biggest Gollum" installation, which just went up in the Wellington airport.