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Uniqlo Invades Our Brains With Game And Song

The clothing retailer teamed up with Tokyo electronics chain Bic Camera for a new store and a Space Invaders-like game— complete with silly Japanese ditty, translated here.

Uniqlo Invades Our Brains With Game And Song

Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing company that brought affordable cashmere sweaters to the U.S., has joined forces with Bic Camera, an electronics chain, for Bicqlo, a big, new store in Shinjuku, the largest shopping intersection in Tokyo (think Lost in Translation). To celebrate it, Bicqlo has posted a weirdly addictive videogame reminiscent of the '80s classic Space Invaders.

No Japanese game or ad would be complete without a silly song in Japanese. Bicqlo Invaders does not disappoint. Here’s what it’s saying: "Shinjuku Tokyo’s new landmark, we have created an outrageous store! Bic Camera and Uniqlo, Bic-Bic-Bic Bicqlo Lo-Lo-Lo." You’re welcome.