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Google Gets Back To Its Search Roots With Nexus Campaign

Move over, Siri! Google’s new device has all the answers in "Ask Me Anything."

Google Gets Back To Its Search Roots With Nexus Campaign

Siri, as polite and helpful as she is, isn’t the only source of mobile knowledge and guidance out there. In fact, Google would prefer that you chat up and seek information from their new devices—the Nexus 4 smartphone, the Nexus 7 tablet with 3G, and the Nexus 10 tablet, all running the latest iteration of the company’s Jelly Bean mobile operating system Android 4.2, which features a new and improved version of Google Now, Google’s virtual assistant.

"Google, how much does the Earth weigh?"

"When is the next ice age?"

"How do you get to Sesame Street?"

These are a few of the questions that inquisitive Nexus users ask their devices, using Google Now, Google Search and Google Maps in "Ask Me Anything," a spot created by Mullen + Google to tout the new line of Nexus products.

Rather than get too technical, "Ask Me Anything" functions as a simple production demonstration for the Nexus, showing off everything from the device’s enhanced video, photo, and mapping capabilities to a new feature called gesture typing that allows users to slide their fingers across the keyboard to touch letters and form words.