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How Weapons Might Work If They Were Designed By Children

A new PSA for War Child Canada re-imagines the implements of war as though made with the best intentions for children in mind, rather than the worst.

If you only watched the first half of War Child’s new PSA, it might ruin your day. (If the enormous hurricane presently encroaching on the East Coast hasn’t already done so.) Happily, though, an imaginative twist ending puts the ravages of war we’ve just almost witnessed into perspective.

War Child is a Canadian organization that works with war-torn communities to help ensure that children have access to education, opportunity, and justice. In the group’s new ad, created by Toronto agency, John St., director Henry Lu, and co-production companies Moxie Pictures and Soft Citizen—horrible violence seems inevitable at first. We brace ourselves as three scary situations unfold: a child discovering a land mine, a grenade being tossed into a crowded marketplace, and child soldiers inspecting a house. The expected outcomes of these upsetting scenarios, though, are ultimately undercut by some surreal flights of fancy that play better when unforetold. Switcheroo ending or not, though, the short video may still make you want to hug and safeguard a small child.