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Dawn Of The Egg: Zombified Cadbury Creme Treats Wreak Havoc In New Ad

A new series of Canadian ads for Halloween-themed Cadbury Screme Eggs take a page from the zombie movie playbook.

You probably think you have a heart of steel, at least when it comes to being capable of caring about the fate of tiny anthropomorphic chocolate eggs that are filled with goo. Today is the day you will be proven wrong.

In rolling out its new Halloween-themed Screme eggs, which are basically the exact same thing as the regular Easter Creme Eggs, just with green filling instead, Cadbury is paying tribute to classic Romero-style zombie movies. Toronto-based agency The Hive created the new ads, which feature the classic creme eggs trapped in familiar horror movie situations by cannibalistic new Screme eggs. The only word any of the eggs can say is ‘goo,' in a sped-up Chipmunk-y tone, but you have no idea the impact a chocolate-egg whimpering will have on you until it happens.

Watch the three ads below.