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Ikea Fosters Family Mealtime In New Campaign

Dinnertime is funtime.

Ikea Fosters Family Mealtime In New Campaign

Ikea is back with another visually stimulating spot, this one designed to foster mealtime togetherness.

The spot is part of a new strategic direction for Ikea in the U.K., one that shifts the emphasis from rooms to in-home behavior. The campaign kicks off with "Entertaining," a spot from Mother London focusing on the upside of multi-generational meals at a shared table. In the spot, a kid assembles the funnest dinner party ever—with family members transformed into creatures. Not this kind of creatures, but fun friends like giant fuzzy bears, magnetic robots, and cartwheeling chimps.

The spot, directed by the always-on Dougal Wilson, is driven by a remake of the BB King/Robert Cray track, "Playin’ With My Friends." The spot’s characters also appear in print ads that build on Ikea’s role in enabling shared dinners, and feature gear like extendable tables and child-friendly chairs.

Watch the spot here.