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Can't Decide What to Order? Try This Restaurant's Instagram Menu

The restaurant Comodo in New York gives diners a reason to look at their phones without being rude: the menu is on Instagram.

The long-standing argument against joining Twitter for a great deal of people used to be, and perhaps still is, something along the lines of "I don’t care what somebody is having for breakfast." Then along came Instagram, and suddenly the prospect of finding out what somebody had for breakfast became slightly more interesting. Now sharing pictures of meals has become so popular that one restaurant has created a second, more social menu where diners can find out what really looks good.

New-ish Latin-American restaurant Comodo recently began encouraging patrons to use the hashtag #comodomenu when taking pictures of entrees, by placing it on the menu. Waiters also mention it when greeting guests at the Manhattan eatery so everybody gets the message. This web-savvy move allows diners to see what other people have ordered and how it looks prepared, in addition to posting photos of their own meals to Instagram to tantalize hungry friends.