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"Actually..." Celebrities Do Contribute To JCER's Latest

We’re not sure why you would have thought otherwise. And no, Sarah Silverman did not sit this one out.

As we’ve noted recently, this election season has hit a critical juncture where interested parties with messages to spread come out in full force—often with the aid of Sarah Silverman. The latest is a series of videos responding to various statements made by Republican candidate Mitt Romney, and it is called Actually…

The campaign, which launched on October 15 with a video from actress Rosie Perez, offers humorous takes on what it considers dishonest or misleading remarks. Created by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, who recently brought us "Wake The F*ck Up" with Samuel Jackson, and Super PAC American Bridge, the campaign will include future videos from Kathy Griffin, W. Kamau Bell, and the irrepressible Sarah Silverman. Each one addresses a specific claim that Romney has made, including his joke that it might be easier to get elected if he was Latino. Rosie Perez has a few things to say about that, as you might imagine.