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Self-Destructive Kitten Stars In PETA's Least Favorite Ad Of The Day, For Toyota

In a new ad for the Toyota Corolla, a very brave cat spends all nine lives trying to get back inside the smooth ride of his beloved car.

Cats and mischief are widely beloved on their own, but put 'em together and you’ve pretty much got the keys to the Internet kingdom. A new ad for the Toyota Corolla features the daredevil antics of one fearless furball, and so is likely destined for viral glory.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland, the new ad hinges on the premise that, although real-world cats and Garfield seem to hate going in cars, they love riding in Toyota Corollas. Or at least one orange Persian does. When this fella goes for his first ride, locked within a kennel, he’s smitten as he gazes adoringly upon the steering wheel column. That’s amore. It is also the last moment in the ad that will not upset PETA.

Our furry friend soon finds that he is willing to do anything to get back in that spacious car again. Through reverse-Pavlovian logic, he deduces that the veterinarian’s office is where a ride in the car will lead, so in order to go there, he will have to sustain some injuries. What follows is a dark journey into the eternal yearning of the kitty cat soul, as we see what this little guy is willing to endure for the thrill of that smooth ride. Between a cement mixer, a lawn mower, and a street sweeper, it turns out to be a lot.