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"Duck Dynasty" Game Involves More Tweeting Than Quacking

A&E’s cult hit "Duck Dynasty" is back for a second season, and to mark the occasion, the channel has started a social media duck hunt.

"Duck Dynasty" Game Involves More Tweeting Than Quacking

This is no quacking matter. Wait, actually that’s just what this is.

The brazenly bearded bros of Duck Dynasty are back for a second season on A&E, and they want fans to get in on the act—anyone watching at home is invited to strap on a virtual firearm for a social media duck hunt.

Created by R/GA New York, the social activation taps into Duck Dynasty’s highly engaged Twitter fan base, turning the 140-charactered dialogue platform into a functional gaming device. Duck Call encourages viewers to pay attention to both the broadcast and the Twitter handles associated with the show (@DuckDynastyAE, @Duck_Commander, @WillieBossHog , @JaseDuckman, @BossHogsWife, and @AETV), on the lookout for a certain message. Whenever the hashtag #QUACK appears onscreen or in a tweet, the first person to respond with #DUCK gets rewarded handsomely (with either Duck Dynasty gear or a $100 e-gift certificate).

Additionally, R/GA set up an active social response lab during the premiere to interact with Duck lovers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The lab responded to tweeted messages and sent out "duckified" versions of users’ Twitter profiles (mostly involving the addition of bushy beards). The agency claims this is the first time a social response lab was conducted for a non-sports TV show.

The Duck Call Twitter began on October 7, and will continue until October 25. Aspiring Twitter pranksters with fake Elmer Fudd accounts, this is your time. Seize the day!