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Meryl Streep, Amy Poehler, and More "Draw The Line" for Women's Reproductive Rights

Yes, Sarah Silverman is in this video too.

Even beyond the gasp-inducing idiocy of Todd Akin, the issue of women’s reproductive rights has been a big part of this election season. Now the center dedicated to defending those rights has brought out the big guns: Meryl Streep. And Kevin Bacon.

Draw the Line is a Meryl-approved campaign to not only spread awareness about verbal and legislative attacks on women’s rights, but to gather enough signatures to actively fight back against them. The acclaimed actress appears in a video for the organization, along with Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman, and other aggrieved celebrities including Kevin Bacon, urging viewers to sign what they’re calling The Bill of Reproductive Rights. The aim of this document is to create a loud outcry for protection of reproductive rights that politicians won’t be able to ignore. The video is accompanied by the obligatory parallax-scrolling site that offers a picture of potential future scenarios as reproductive rights are squashed and lays out the terms of the new bill.

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