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Watch Women Hose Down Studs To Burn Calories

French beverage Contrex says near-naked dudes and StairMaster fire hoses make weight loss fun.

Watch Women Hose Down Studs To Burn Calories

It might not be "Gangnam Style," but a French viral video advertising bottled water hits at least a 5 out of 10 on the wackiness index.

Contrex, a mineral water brand owned by Nestlé, has fashioned itself as your partenaire minceur, or your "slimming partner." Its consistency is almost creamy, and it’s supposed to be packed with calcium and magnesium.

It’s also heavily marketed toward women. In this latest video, from agency Marcel, a huge audience gathers in front of a mansion. Dancing orange light that’s supposed to represent an inferno is projected on the front of the building. Then? A bevy of sculpted lads in briefs appears on the balcony. How to rescue the strapping dudes-in-distress? Ladies from the crowd (all suspiciously fit plants, surely—the whole thing is completely staged) step up to pink contraptions that look like StairMasters with spigots. As the girls stomp in place on the exercise devices, jets of water burst out of the machines to "fight" the "fire." At the end, the men escape, and announce that the women’s heroic rescue burned off 2,000 calories.

The company did a similar ad last year, which racked up 13 million views on YouTube.

Contrex is offered in over 35 countries, and Nestlé names it "the ideal water for the weight conscious."