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Expedia Ad Features A More Personal Journey—A Man Coming To Terms With His Daughter’s Marriage To Another Woman

A new short from Expedia details a father’s journey toward acceptance as he travels across the country with well-appointed accommodations.

Expedia’s "Find Yours" campaign is all about what real people end up discovering on the trips they book through the online travel planner. Although the entire series focuses on personal taste and experience, the latest entry gets a little more personal than the rest.

In "Find Your Understanding," created by agency 180 L.A., traditional-minded father Artie Goldstein is torn over what to do when a woman asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Although Goldstein doesn’t officially give his blessing at first, a voiceover informs, we follow along on his trip out to daughter Jill’s wedding anyway. ( Yes, that’s Jill Goldstein, who, along with new bride Nikki Weiss, starred in the first season of The Real L-Word) The video incorporates real footage as Goldstein wrestles with his own expectations and what will make his daughter the happiest.

"This category is overrun by companies trying to scream deals over top of one another," says 180 creative director Gavin Milner. "There was an opportunity here for Expedia to own the emotional high ground. After all, this is a company that firmly believes that travel has the power to move and transform us. Artie’s story was a wonderful example of that notion."

The new ad, directed by Eliot Rausch, makes good on Expedia’s recent statement in support of the marriage equality legislation on this year’s ballot in Washington State, where the company is headquartered.

Watch how the story plays out in the video below.