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John Travolta, Olivia Newton John Look Super Normal On Their Christmas Album Cover

Who say that Grease Lightnin’ doesn’t strike twice? Somebody, probably. Here is what the reunited "Grease" stars’ Christmas album will look like.

It’s so strange that John Travolta is putting a still-thriving movie career on hold to pursue daytime talk show success with Olivia Newton John as his co-host. It’s an unlikely move, to be sure, but Travolta hasn’t exactly been known for taking the predictable route in the— What? You mean that’s not a promotional still for the forthcoming TV show, Born to Hand Jive? It’s the Christmas album that the former Grease co-stars decided to make in 2012 for some reason? Oh, okay, makes perfect sense.

Also, John Travolta’s hair does not look the way hair looks on a person.

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