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Samsung Sauces Apple, Reebok Builds A Better Shoebox: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

A weird celebrity collaboration and a program for unemployed youth figure into our monstrous edition of the Top 5.

  • 01 /05 | Reebok FitList Interactive Speakers

    The shoe box has been subject to reinterpretation before. In 2010, Yves Behar and agency Droga5 reimagined the quotidian cardboard container as a Clever Little Bag.

    This time, Reebok and Deeplocal, the agency that brought you Nike Chalkbot, among other digital/physical brand experiences, have remade the box as a sound-and-light system.

    Reebok had initially teamed with Spotify to create FitList, an app designed to tailor your workout playlist to your workout type and mood.

    To promote the app, Reebok recruited Deeplocal to recast the shoe box as a sort of interactive speaker with LED lights that respond to music and ambient sound and that users can plug their music player into.

    Only 100 editions of the box were made and they’ll be given away to people who purchase a pair of limited edition Reeboks.

  • 02 /05 | Fragile Childhood "Monsters"

    The look on the kid’s face from :36 to :44 in this spot about the inflicted horror of drunk parenting is better than all of the ads you saw this week.

  • 03 /05 | Samsung Galaxy S3 "The Next Big Thing Is Already Here"

    The damp anti-climax that was the iPhone 5 unveiling fairly screamed out for a slappy rejoinder. And Samsung was only too pleased to deliver it.

    Most often, it’s a mistake for a brand to rest its identity and message on an anti-approach. And, indeed, Samsung’s previous ads mocking Apple fan boys and girls waiting in line for the next iPhone have been less than inspired. But this latest spot, from agency 72andSunny coming on the heels of the September 12 iPhone 5 announcement and just ahead of the device’s arrival in stores is the best swipe at the smugness and dubiously rewarded devotion of iPhone fans yet and works in ways the others ads haven’t. The spot does have a bit of extra leverage--the sheer power of how silly the anticipation for the iPhone seemed in proportion to the underwhelming final product, for one thing. There’s also some delightfully cutting dialog (“Yeah, but they make the coolest adaptors") and a coup de grace featuring (oh snap) a pair of clueless boomer parents.

  • 04 /05 | Volcom/Yo Gabba Gabba "I Can't Believe It's Really Happening"

    Youth clothier Volcom is teaming up with the creators of Nick Jr.’s Yo Gabba Gabba to produce an apparel line. That partnership has in turn tapped Wayne Coyne, Biz Markie, Mark Mothersbaugh, Dave Grohl and his daughter, Jack Black, and Jon Heder to create designs for the gear.

    Will the clothing be worthwhile? We don’t know. Here’s what we do know: The video promoting this unusual collaboration is one of the happiest things we saw this week. The video features a track written by Markie and Coyne and stars the aforementioned group of celebrity designers.

    They all go together like backpacks and mustaches. It’ll all make sense (it won’t) after you watch the video.

  • 05 /05 | Benetton "Unemployee of the Year"

    Benetton was back to its old self last year with the instantly-banned-in-certain-circles “Unhate” campaign which spread a message of global understanding by depicting political and religious foes kissing. Now, the brand is addressing the impact of global economic strife on the young with "Unemployee of the Year." Via the campaign, the brand will select and fund socially relevant ideas from unemployed 18- to 30-year olds. Read about the campaign, from Benetton’s creative group Fabrica and agency 72AndSunny, here.

Welcome (back) to the Top 5 ads of the week.

Here, our weekly countdown of the 5 best creative ideas and executions from the wide world of brands. From apps to Twitter feeds and content of every kind—it’s all brand creativity and it’s all up for citation.

In this week’s Top 5: A digital/musical shoe box for Reebok, Samsung’s vigorous poke at Apple, a horror-filled video warning about drunk parenting, Benetton does its part for youth unemployment and a delightfully insane video from Wayne Coyne and Biz Markie marking a collaboration between Yo Gabba Gabba and Volcom. Check them out in the slide show above.