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Honda Surprises Struggling Band With An Appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Monsters Calling Home thought they were playing a corporate gig for Honda, but it turned out they were actually playing for an audience of millions. That’s some prank!

In life, there are good surprises, there are bad surprises, and then there are good surprises that turn into bad surprises and then back into good surprises. The scrappy young band, Monsters Calling Home, had one of the third kind on September 18th when they took a trip to play a corporate gig that turned out to be their first late night talk show appearance ever.

Thanks to those tricksters at Honda, the band initially thought they were going to be playing for a few hundred executives. It was supposed to be a gesture of good faith after the band made a music video entirely in their own personal Honda vehicles earlier in the year. The brand wanted to show its appreciation in broader strokes, though, apparently, as part of their Honda "Loves You Back" campaign.

Working with Santa-Monica-based agency RPA, Honda got the band to pack up and unwittingly make the trek out to a ballroom right across the street from the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio. At first, the Honda representative pretended the show had been canceled. Monsters Calling Home only had a few moments to feel sad, though, before the truth was revealed and they were herded across the street to go be on TV in front of millions of people. Their reaction is priceless.

Watch the original video the band shot in their Hondas below.