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Cravendale Cats Work Out Those Thumbs in Teaser Trailer

The official follow-up to Cravendale’s much-loved "Cats With Thumbs" spot from last year is not out until September 8th, but until then we have this teaser trailer and some Facebook fun.

It might not be such a great time to go into the milk delivery business—and not just because that business doesn’t really exist anymore.

Last year, Cravendale scored a viral hit by imagining a world where cats gained opposable thumbs and learned to perform a variety of tasks, including opening doors and snapping. Now we’re about to find out what those cats might do with that knowledge.

Catnapped is the name of the next cinematic offering from Wieden + Kennedy London, a follow-up to last year’s Cats With Thumbs. While the full tale won’t premiere until September 8th, a teaser emerged online today, whetting appetites everywhere, like so many tuna can fumes. "What happened to all the milkmen?" the teaser asks in the familiar mode of one word at a time. Whatever it is involves reams of pink yarn, a chemistry set, and a cat who sits in chairs like a human.

In addition to watching the teaser, however, users can also go to Cravendale’s Facebook page, which appears to have been taken over by one Bertrum Thumbcat, who may or may not be putting together a related cat-army. (Bertrum is also on Twitter.)

Tune in September 8th to see Catnapped, but you can tide yourself over in the meantime by revisiting the original "Cats With Thumbs" video below.