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Milwaukee PD Ups The Ante On The Government Website

In an effort to energize the community about being more proactive with law enforcement, the Milwaukee Police Department’s website underwent some major retooling, with state-of-the-art results.

Milwaukee PD Ups The Ante On The Government Website

In 2009, the Milwaukee Police Department launched its Be a Force campaign, an effort to get the community more involved in working with local authorities on crime prevention. Now the organization has upgraded its online presence with a site that seems perhaps more befitting a Fortune 500 company.

Agency Cramer-Krasselt Milwaukee created the website as a pro bono assignment, working with LISS Interactive.

The first of its kind for a law enforcement agency, the site revolves around The Source, a feed of police news, and includes crime stats, FAQs with basic info like retrieving towed cars, profiles of fallen officers, and even a roundup of Milwaukee’s Most Wanted. But the site serves up its useful information in an atypically badass way—-the experience comes complete with slick 3D photography and parallax scrolling.

Other police departments just got served.