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See An Adorably Fierce Dance-Off In This French Fitness Commercial

Young (very young) men and women pop-and-lock like pros in this ad directed by Benjamin Millepied, dancer, choreographer (and Natalie Portman’s husband).

Childhood talents: Candy eating, hiding and seeking… break-dancing? It’s the case in this commercial for Domyos, a French fitness retail company.

The 50-second spot opens with a group of kids in punchy-hued jogging outfits beginning a boy-versus-girl dance-off on an L.A. rooftop. But it’s not long before everyone joins forces in a colorful and kinetic tribute to the brand. The squad chants "D-O-M-Y-O-S" as they back-flip, windmill, high-kick and head-spin, occasionally in slow-mo or in unison.

Accomplished dancer and choreographer, Benjamin Millepied, directed the rhythmic youngsters. He’s also known for choreographing and starring in Black Swan, where he met wife Natalie Portman on set.

Domyos sells everything from exercise bikes to trampolines to boxing gloves. They also sell fitnesswear for him, her, child, and even baby. The Paris-based agency behind the ad (entitled "Battle") is Fred & Farid.