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Behold H&M's David

Residents of L.A., New York and San Francisco: find the 10-foot tall Beckham and win some underwear.

Behold H&M's David

For those who still haven’t quite absorbed all the dimensions of David Beckham from his TV commercials, projections on natural landmarks, surprise appearances in photo booths, outdoor posters or print ads, H&M gives you David, the touchable Beckham statue.

The clothing retailer has erected 6 10-foot tall statues (do the math on height of his package relative to your face) of underwear-clad underwear spokesman Beckham in New York, L.A. and San Francisco. The installations coincide with a new print campaign in support of Beckham’s bodywear line at H&M.

And H&M wants to reward you for your interaction with their 3D Beckham— people who spot the silver statutes and upload a pic to Instagram with hashtag #HMBeckham can win an H&M shopping spree and signed underwear. The statues will appear through August 31.