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It's That Thing Where...: 26 Words You Really Wish Existed in English

You’ve been lazy with your lexicon and you didn’t even know it—however, illustrator Fuchsia Macaree’s charming ABCs series of untranslatable words will remedy that situation PDQ.

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It’s true, English has given the world untold verbal riches, but even Shakespeare would have struggled to articulate the idea "someone with a face that needs to be slapped" with a single, elegant word. So London-based Irish illustrator Fuchsia Macaree re-imagines the alphabet, showing logophiles words they never knew they needed.

"Untranslatable" goes A to Z with words that are just that from a medley of languages—and it’s truly a wonder we’ve been able to get by without these gems in English.

Ever been the victim of a barber turned butcher with what was supposed to be a simple haircut? The Japanese call that hot mess of tress "age-tori." Politics as usual leaving you feeling meh? "Qualunquismo," say the Italians. Or what about totally blanking on someone’s name when you run into them? As any Scot can tell you, that’s a "tartle."

Finally, we can all start saying what we mean! Just, you know, in other languages. See some of the Untranslatables in the slide show above and the rest on Macaree’s site.