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The Chemical Brothers + Tron-Like Visuals = Olympic Sensorygasm

The action inside the Velodrome may be over, but agency Crystal CG’s music video for The Chemical Brothers’ thumping anthem for the arena will certainly be set on repeat.

Lauded as "one of the most sustainable and iconic venues of the London 2012 Games," the Velodrome—which, in all honesty, resembles a giant Pringle—a very awesome giant Pringle—has housed Olympic greatness and thighs of Olympic proportions in blazing races that led to Great Britain dominating the competition with seven gold medals. For all the talk of what went down around the track, there’s just as much chatter surrounding the music video about the track.

With Britain’s own duo of electronica dopeness The Chemical Brothers supplying the music (tensely mounting strings that escalate into a pulsating rhythm over a droning robot reminding you exactly where you are), agency Crystal CG put together the neon explosion of futuristic visuals to match—fuse the two elements together and what you have is basically Tron on acid, replete with red and blue competitors duking it out for the number one spot.