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Agent Provocateur Puts a Sexy Spin on "The Picture of Dorian Gray," Monica Cruz In New Video

A video touting Agent Provocateur’s 2012 Fall/Winter collection features a magical camera which reveals the already sexy Mónica Cruz’s inner super-sexiness.

In Oscar Wilde’s lone novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the title character’s true self is revealed, supernaturally, through an increasingly decrepit portrait. A new video for lingerie label Agent Provocateur explores a similar conceit, but to predictably sexier effect.

Created by Black Label Productions and director Tim Pope, the video is set in a Gothic castle in some bygone era of English history, where a woman has come to get her picture taken. Not just by any camera, however: this one possesses the magical ability to reveal its subjects’ true selves. While most people would probably agree that professional dancer Mónica Cruz (sister of Penelope) is already pretty alluring, it turns out that her true self is even more so, voguing with confidence in skimpy attire.

The images taken by the photographer, who looks like an extra from Oliver Twist, make up the pages of Agent Provocateur’s 2012 Fall/Winter collection, which the video is promoting.

Easter egg alert: watch closely and catch the cactus gag.