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Ukrainian Broadcasting Just Got A Lot Cuter

Creative studio Build has drummed up a series of branding videos for Ukrainian children’s TV channel PlusPlus starring a family of morphing shapes.

Ukrainian Broadcasting Just Got A Lot Cuter

It’s the most adorable invasion to strike since ever: Brightly colored geometric shapes have been popping up all over Ukraine, spreading their brand of affable cuteness across highways, fields, rivers, and plazas. Their leader? Ukrainian children’s TV channel PlusPlus.

Working with character animators Animade, London-based creative studio Build has put together a series of teasers and idents for PlusPlus based on a family of assorted shapes exploring the curious world around them.

Kids of the 90s (and the parents of said kids), might feel a wave of nostalgia watching these characters amble about given their striking resemblance to the almost nauseatingly perky, fanfare tooting block of ever-changing colors that was Nick Jr.'s mascot Face. No disrespect to you Face—for your bubbly antics and what we’ll go ahead and call "jokes" were paramount to keeping children entertained between their favorite shows—but Build and Animade’s creations, who allow their lovable actions to speak for themselves, oh, and can morph into more than just a square, have you totally licked.