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Beyoncé Lends Music and Star Power to World Humanitarian Day

Agency Droga5 collaborates with the United Nations and singer Beyoncé in a call-to-action campaign for World Humanitarian Day August 19 with a social media lead-in that aims to turn promising into doing.

Beyoncé Lends Music and Star Power to World Humanitarian Day

For World Humanitarian Day on August 19, the United Nations and global aid organizations are launching a campaign with participation at its core—and a high-gloss diva finish. Grammy-award winning powerhouse Beyoncé is lending her music and celebrity to this year’s endeavor to raise awareness of humanitarian aid but more importantly to get others involved.

I Was Here Movie Poster

The campaign, created by agency Droga5 in collaboration with production company Ridley Scott & Associates, centers on Beyoncé's ballad "I Was Here." The song will carry the campaign’s message of going beyond talk to taking action with a social media push leading up to World Humanitarian Day. By clicking "Show Your Support" on the dedicated site, a prefabricated pledge to participate is yours to share via Twitter and Facebook with the intention that come August 19, you’ll do any humanitarian deed no matter how grand or small. The campaign’s goal/motto is to reach one billion people, on one day, with one message—a feat that doesn’t seem so lofty given the involvement of the and only Queen Bey.

A music video for "I Was Here" is slated to shoot in the U.N. General Assembly Hall where Beyoncé will give what is sure to be a moving performance in front of a live audience. And if Beyoncé remixing her single "Get Me Bodied" and breaking it down something fierce in a school cafeteria for First Lady Michelle Obama’s "Let’s Move" initiative is any gauge as to the success of World Humanitarian Day’s campaign, there’s about to be one hell of a surge of good deeds around the world.