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Old Spice Goes For Gold, And Immortality, In New Olympics Effort

Old Spice and its words of inspiration are back with an Olympic flair in a new spot from Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

A woefully gangly Michael Phelps wannabe transformed into the man every man wants to be (or smell like)—that’s the power of motivational cassette tapes; that’s the power of deodorant.

In a show of creative range for its London 2012 Olympics campaign for Procter & Gamble, Wieden+Kennedy Portland has gone from something as achingly touching as "Best Job" to "I Will Live Forever," a ridiculous portrait of a great man’s life powered by the Old Spice brand. You might recognize the formula of this spot (hella scrawny guy becomes hella awesome by listening to words of encouragement from an Old Spice walkman) from the previous advert "I Can Do Anything." But W+K Portland has tweaked it just so in the spirit of the Olympic games.

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