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John Cleese Asks (And Answers) All Your Questions About DirecTV

The Monty Python alum seems to have a lot going on around the house, but he still manages to find time to discuss DirecTV in the company’s latest ad.

When you’ve earned the world’s respect and admiration for your comedic genius during the course of a long career, you have the right to relax a little. But august comedic presence John Cleese shows few signs of slowing down. He’s lately been a high-profile tutor in the ways of creativity. And now, as depicted in a new ad for DirecTV, he appears to be keeping himself busy doing absurd things around his mansion.

Created by agency Grey New York, the new ad demonstrates the kind of savings one can achieve with DirecTV’s latest deal by showing the ridiculously lavish lifestyle the former Monty Python member leads. Shark delivery, Eskimo ping-pong, and massages on top of Rolls-Royces are but a few of the many amusingly offbeat ways the comedic writer/performer now bides his time in this ad, which bears repeat viewings.

It looks like transferring the fast pace and bizarre scenarios of the "Bad Decisions" ads into new work was a good decision for DirecTV.