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Nike's #RiseAbove Campaign Tells Inspirational Stories from People Doing Just That

Created by agency Blast Radius, Jordan Brand’s new installments in the #RiseAbove campaign spotlight young people leaping hurdles of circumstance and opposition.

Living within the narrow confines of cultural and societal norms isn’t living at all—and it’s the "don’ts" and "shouldn’ts" that the Jordan Brand is aiming to address in a new installment of its #RiseAbove campaign.

In a series of short films created by agency Blast Radius, ordinary young people speak of their passion for basketball and about overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to play. The videos feature an Iraqi woman attempting to rise above expectations while trapped by the antiquated customs of a country that adamantly disapproves of women playing the sport at all; and a cancer survivor who rose above limits as an amputee wanting equality on the courts with "able-bodied" players.

The #RiseAbove initiative also includes an Instagram challenge whereby fans can upload a shot of themselves triumphant in the face of basketball-related adversity and tag it with #riseabove [insert word or phrase here], with the most popular photos featured in the site gallery.