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Mini Athletes Compete for the Gold in P&G's Latest London 2012 Olympics Spot

Wieden+Kennedy Portland delivers its latest ad for P&G’s "Thank You, Mom" campaign that proves even Olympians will always be kids to their mothers.

International athletes pour into London amid the applause of fervent fans and under the eyes of the watchful media: It’s the start of the summer Olympics, but there’s something a little different about these champions in particular—and we do mean "little."

Created by agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland, Procter & Gamble’s second installment of its campaign "Thank You, Mom" has grown competitors portrayed as children, based on the all too true concept that they’ll remain forever young in the eyes of their mothers. "Kids" delivers a similar heartfelt message as P&G’s short-film-gone- sentimental-viral-sensation "Best Job" that debuted in April.

Cited as P&G’s biggest campaign in its 174-year history, the "Thank You, Mom" initiative is off to a well-received start as a sprawling love letter across social media, TV, print, and mobile apps to not just the mothers of Olympians, but to all mothers.

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