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"Fire In The Disco" Comes To MOCA

As Shut Up And Play The Hits hits theaters, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy extends his creative reach to another platform—a disco-centric art show at L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Murphy will co-curate the MOCA show, "Fire in the Disco," about which MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch says this:

"There aren’t that many of these cultural movements that within a few years spread all around the world. Like Cubism, within a few years of its invention in Paris, it’s everywhere. And disco is sort of this unlikely candidate for this. It emerges in subcultures in lofts in downtown New York and basements in Paris, but it sweeps the world very quickly and encompasses fashion, film, art, and has great social impact in addition to its musical impact. It has a tremendous impact on gay liberation, on the connection between black, white, Hispanic. It became a universal language."

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