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Ken Block's Latest "Gymkhana" Video Shreds the Streets of San Francisco

DC Shoes co-founder and professional rally car driver Ken Block returns with the fifth edition of his "Gymkhana" auto racing series; this time in San Francisco.

After tackling Hollywood and south of Paris in previous installments of his massively popular Gymkhana video series, DC Shoes co-founder and professional rally car driver Ken Block set his sights on San Francisco for the just-released fifth edition.

Working again with director Ben Conrad, Block spent five days tearing up the city by the bay. This time, instead of the usual Subaru, the action centers on Block’s 650-horsepower Ford Fiesta, captured from all angles for the 10-minute video. The multiple cameras show off the car from an aerial view above, with occasional splitscreen shots of inside and outside the car, and there’s even footage of the shocks as they’re incurring the most damage. From these points of view, we are able to see consummate auto-showman Block negotiate hairpin turns, pull off daring drifts, and get all four tires off the ground a number of times.

The video begins with Block racing over a bridge headed into San Francisco and proceeds to show the city off in some inventive ways: doing spinning donuts around two moving trolley cars, and making use of the famously hilly streets to get air, all while winding and weaving through an endless configuration of cones. Somewhere in the middle, he even manages to include a romp around a couple of barges, as well as a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a Travis Pastrana cameo. Sadly, the Rice-a-Roni factory never makes an appearance.

Watch the previous entry in the Gymkhana series below.