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Volkswagen Enlists YouTube Phenoms to Showcase Performance Power

For people to truly grasp the awe-inspiring speed of Volkswagen’s cars, Deutsch LA taps four speedy YouTube stars in a series of match-ups you’d miss if you blinked.

Volkswagen Enlists YouTube Phenoms to Showcase Performance Power

Sure, they could’ve let the numbers speak for themselves (200+ horsepower engines, 207 lb. ft. of torque, etc.), but since merely telling you about the performance power of their cars just isn’t the Volkswagen way, agency Deutsch LA has created a series of spots for the German auto brand that pits human versus machine to highlight the acceleration capabilities of the GTI, Golf R, and Jetta GLI. Mind you, the human contenders are no mere mortals.

In "Fast vs. Fast," created by production company Recommended Media and director Chris Woods, four YouTube sensations known for their speedy talents desperately race against time as they try to accomplish their skills before the VWs complete one lap around the track. On deck, we have Anthony Brooks, Rubik’s cube solving wunderkind going at it one-handed; Fran Capo, the world’s fastest talking female rattling off the "Gettysburg Address"; John Taylor, speed guitarist who can shred Rimsky-Korsakov’s "Flight of the Bumblebee" at 600 beats per minute; and JFlo, beatboxing champ spitting original turbo-charged flow.

Spoiler alert: They all fail. However, given the fact that the stunt driver is Eric Norris, son of Chuck Norris, their performances shall be graded on a heavy curve.