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Personalized MNDR Video Reveals Your Secret Identity (You Are a DJ)

Accessing users’ Facebook accounts, an interactive new video for MNDR’s "C.L.U.B." sends viewers on a raging all-nighter in New York with the band.

Personalized MNDR Video Reveals Your Secret Identity (You Are a DJ)

Interactive music videos tend to come in two main varietals at present: choose-your-own-adventure style narratives, and those in which the viewer’s social media data becomes part of the action. MNDR’s new one takes the second route, thrusting you into the mix as a thrill-seeking club kid who becomes the band’s new DJ. Say goodbye to your day job.

The video, which was created by directorial twosome Fourclops for the O Music Awards, tells a viewer’s-POV story of an impromptu trip to an MNDR show in New York. The interactive narrative unfolds via a steady stream of Facebook messages and IMs, all viewed through an iPhone screen; only it’s your iPhone and your friends. You can only experience the video after connecting to Facebook, and so the cast of characters who populate the video as your friends actually are your friends. In name anyway. And there’s always the odd chance that your mom could pop up to ask whether she should meet you by the bar.

As the story of the video unfolds further, the character of "you" plays mobile phone Marco Polo at Webster Hall in New York, trying to find the friends you were supposed to meet there. There’s a happy ending down the line, though. After talking with some random art-damaged nightlifers for a while, you somehow end up onstage, DJing the show and getting props from the band, a perfect springboard for launching your music career, it turns out. By the time it’s over, you might fear you’ve gotten involved with some virtual vacation shenanigans at Rekall.