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Virgin Mobile Shines A Light On The Other Pitt Brother

With its "Fair Go, Bro" campaign, Virgin Mobile educates us on the curious case of Doug Pitt, Brad’s non-famous brother.

Not every family works quite like the Hemsworth family, or the Afflecks, or indeed the Baldwins. On the contrary, most families have merely one famous member, if that. Most superstar siblings who try to follow in their brother’s footsteps tend to end up more like Frank Stallone. The smart play in that situation, then, is to lead a quiet life and enjoy the reflected glory from the sidelines—which is what Doug Pitt has done. Until now.

Brad Pitt’s brother, Doug (who, in all fairness, kind of more resembles a well-preserved Val Kilmer) stars in Virgin Mobile’s new Australia campaign, "Fair Go, Bro." A video introduces us to Doug Pitt, whose life, we come to see, is the complete opposite of his brother’s. Hobbies include woodworking, 1970s rock classics, and relaxing by the TV, which his wife and kids control. While definitely lacking in glamor, Doug’s life actually looks pretty darn okay (the lesser-known Pitt is actually a businessman in Missouri and a humanitarian in his own right). Virgin Mobile would like to make it a little more Brad-like, though, for the sake of symmetry, by sending some groupie love Doug’s way via "likes" on the company’s Facebook page. Which is almost as good as getting nominated for Academy Awards and being absurdly rich, apparently.