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McDonald's Europe Measures Fan Passion With "Passion Meter" For UEFA Euro 2012

All throughout June, agency DDB Paris spearheaded an extensive campaign with McDonald’s Europe and UEFA Euro 2012 to measure fans’ passion for their teams.

McDonald's Europe Measures Fan Passion With "Passion Meter" For UEFA Euro 2012

"Alla fine del gioco, il re e il pedone tornano nella stessa scatola."

It’s an old Italian proverb that translates to "Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back into the same box." HA! Yeah, right. If the game under discussion happens to be yesterday’s Euro Final, let’s be honest: It was a straight-up massacre. Spain’s no more in the same "box" as Italy than the words "futbol" and "football" mean the same thing. But there is indeed a commonality shared among two teams and the rest in the league: the passion of their fans.

It goes without saying that European soccer fans are some of the most dedicated bunch of zealots to ever grace a stadium, and McDonald’s Europe bottled their fervent energy in a month-long campaign leading up to the Euro Finals. In case you missed it, Passion Meter was a project created by agency DDB Paris that called upon fans to prove their dedication with decibels by giving the most rousing yell/cheer/dance they could muster for their team, which was then recorded, measured for passion, and added to the collective score for that country. The campaign included a dedicated site, mobile app, and a massive physical structure set up in Kiev and Warsaw—all as destination points to show the most raucous support.

DDB Paris also partnered with video production house Crossroad Films for a series of mockumentaries featuring fans en route to Kiev’s Passion Meter—two fans in particular being Italian brothers who, one would naturally assume, would both root for their home country. But as the surprisingly heartfelt short unfolds, that clearly isn’t case. Find out if blood is thicker than clashing nationalistic ties: