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Master Class

See Art From The "Arrested Development" Exhibit At L.A.'s Gallery1988

This is not an illusion. The beloved-but-cancelled "Arrested Development" lives on in our hearts, minds, DVD collections, and now in an art exhibition.

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What a fun, sexy time for Arrested Development fans. Not only is the universally beloved show slated to have a fourth season on Netflix in 2013, followed by a movie that may actually happen, but it’s about to become an art exhibit as well.

"There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand" brings together a series of paintings and other artwork inspired by the show. Each piece is up for sale, and will likely serve as the source for heavy quote-athons in the households of its purchaser for years to come. "Banana Stand" opens on Friday at the Melrose branch of Gallery1988, the pop culture-leaning art hotspot owned by podcaster and former rapper Jensen Karp. Previous exhibitions include "Is This Thing On?", featuring paintings of comedians, and "Suspense & Gallows Humor," a tribute to Albert Hitchcock.

Have a look at some of the images in the slideshow above. But no touching!