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Berners-Lee, Hurley, And Zennstrom Deemed Unworthy of Working at Code Club

A new ad for after-school tech-teaching center, Code Club, brings out some big-time Internet innovators as potential teachers, who are then summarily dismissed by unimpressed children.

Kids today are so spoiled. Give them Facebook’s Joanna Shields to learn from and they’ll be disappointed she used to be CEO of Bebo, and not Beiber. At least, that’s the case with the kids in a cheeky new ad for Code Club, a project that teaches children coding after-school.

Created by London-based agency Albion, the ad features a parade of innovators not seen since Best Buy’s Super Bowl ad, offering their services to some touch customers. The video was conceived, filmed, and launched all in the same day, during international entrepreneurial association Founders Forum's recent London event.

The aim of the project is to begin a code club in a quarter of the U.K.'s schools by 2014, as part of a larger goal to change children’s outlook about programming—making it something worthwhile to them, and perhaps even fun. The current blasé attitude most kids tend to have toward coding is mirrored by the kids in the new ad, as they hear pitches from Internet royalty. In addition to Shields, the young, scrupulous interviewers also meet web creator Tim Berners-Lee, YouTube founder Chad Hurley, Skype’s Niklas Zennstrom, and others, but remain unmoved until His Royal Highness The Duke of York arrives (and even then it takes some prodding.)