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Hovercat Is Hovering. Here's How

Mekanism cast Nightline's Dan Harris and his cat in a video promoting animal adoption. Here, we learn how Hovercat took flight.

Hovercat Is Hovering. Here's How

You’re going to get a great feline if you adopt a shelter cat. In fact, you might even wind up with a cat who can levitate like the one seen in "Hovercat," a video created by Mekanism to support the ASPCA.

The video stars a former shelter cat named George and Nightline anchor/reporter Dan Harris, who adopted him. As we see, the handsome orange kitty likes to blast dubstep and perform slow-motion aerial acrobatics when his dad leaves for work.

The floating feline puts on quite a show, and while the shoot to capture George in action only took a day, it was a complex technical undertaking. "We shot "Hovercat" with a 12-camera bullet time rig and a jumping cat. We accomplished that by using twelve Canon 7D cameras shooting 60fps and pulling frames in mid-air to get the hover effect," explains Mekanism director Tony Benna.

Next came a two-week long post-production process, but the effort was worth it. "Hovercat," which was posted on YouTube on Monday, has already garnered nearly 500,000 views. The goal, according to Mekanism president/CEO Jason Harris, is to get all of these people who enjoy watching viral video of cats to make room in their own home for a potential future YouTube sensation—June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month.