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French Railway System SNCF Magnifies Your Anti-Social Behavior

In a new campaign from TBWA Paris, towering garbage in train stations were raised for the SNCF to bring attention to fight against common incivilities.

  • <p>"There is no little incivility."</p>
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    "There is no little incivility."

In all fairness, sometimes you have no idea how truly obnoxious you are until someone calls you out on it—and constructs 16 ft. sculptures in the likeness of why nobody likes you. In a campaign from the French railway system SNCF created by agency TBWA Paris, the bustling throng in and around stations Lyon-Perrache and Saint-Charles will come across a giant crumpled cigarette and mint green wad of chewing gum with signs putting such a jarring display in context: "Il n’y a pas de petite incivilité" (There is no little incivility.)

Too long have the loud-talking, music-blasting, feet-on-empty-seat-putting, refuse-littering patrons of public transit gotten away with their incredibly inconsiderate misdeeds. On SNCF’s dedicated website, viewers can observe how people respond to the sculptures via cameras trained on capturing their confounded glances. And just in case the SNCF has made you feel singled out, there are video confessions of transgression from offenders just like you.