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Fashion Brand Only Bottles Teen Angst in an Interactive Catalogue

The Liberation, created by agency Uncle Grey and digital shop North Kingdom, chronicles the fast and free in a fashionable film that’s so much more.

Fashion Brand Only Bottles Teen Angst in an Interactive Catalogue

It could be the premise of any coming-of-age film: sleepy suburban life gets a jolt of youth in revolt as three rebellious teens rescue one girl aching for more than her staid existence. But viewing The Liberation from Danish fashion brand Only as just a linear short film would be glossing over the digital, social, and retail integrations that make it the richly interactive experience it is.

Created in collaboration with Uncle Grey and North Kingdom to reach, interest, and engage Only’s demographic of young girls and women, The Liberation is a seamless amalgamation of an online catalogue, music video, Flash-based game, and short film with numerous entry points for social sharing. At any moment during the film, viewers can pause the action to get pulled-out descriptions of the fashions onscreen that link to the retail site. Revving a stalled car as an angry mob swoops in, swiping a pair of jeans at the pool part of the century, and even peeking around a tree to watch a boy undress are all moments controlled by you to keep the pace of the narrative flowing while simultaneously removing any chance of just being a passive observer.

What seems to bind and set that desired mood of teenage restlessness in The Liberation is the music. Swedish artist Lune lends her airy vocals to the film’s dreamy soundtrack that pauses when you pause and picks up right where it left off in total synchronization. And once you’ve been "liberated," a bespoke collage of your adventures is created with downloadable, sharable, and buyable assets.

According to the agency, after launching The Liberation, traffic to rose more than 500%. The dedicated site garnered +560K unique visitors with +810K page views. See the case study video below.