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Philips Shaves Budget With Ultra-Low-Tech Augmented Reality Promotion

A new promotion for Philips Grooming eschews the latest in AR tech for a decidedly old-fashioned effort at showing what isn’t there.

Augmented reality can be a terrific interactive tool for showing people things that aren’t really there. Before we had such sophisticated technology, however, there were still plenty of other ways to effectively do so, as Philips has demonstrated with its most recent promotion.

Created by OglivyAction in Taiwan, the new campaign focused around the unenviable task of introducing Philips grooming kits to the largely facial-hairless male Taiwanese population. The solution was showing a group of barbershop and salon patrons how they would look with facial hair. Bucking the latest augmented reality trends, the agency went decidedly old-school, using nothing but some ink and a mug, and a tricked-out apron. See how they pulled it off in the video above.