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Nick Offerman & Craig Robinson Continue Chi-Town Showdown In New Era Ad

The two sitcom stars spar over their beloved Chicago baseball teams in the latest Brooklyn Brothers/Funny Or Die stealth ad for New Era. This time, it’s still personal.

In Chicago, Cubs vs. White Sox is a rivalry for the ages. On the Internet, the baseball brinkmanship between the teams’ fans has quickly become embodied by the stars of Parks & Recreation and The Office, who continue to sound off against each other in the latest sly ad for New Era fitted caps from agency The Brooklyn Brothers.

Just as in the previous ad, Chicago-bred comedians Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson play themselves as friends watching a ballgame in a bar. Once again, both proudly display the hats of their favored teams; the sole, unintrusive signifier that these ads are ads at all. The two trade barbs back and forth as Robinson quizzes Offerman on what he’d be willing to do (or give up) in order for the Cubs to win the World Series.

"What if you had to be the least funny character on your TV show?" Robinson asks.

"You seem to manage just fine," says Offerman. Ouch.

Watch an extended version of the video below.