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Beckham Bends It Like Beethoven for Samsung

In a new ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note, David Beckham has a way of playing Beethoven’s "Ode to Joy" that takes advantage of his particular talents.

The Olympics are coming to London very soon, and the spirit of sport is in the air. Anyone doubting that need only see the soccer balls fly in Samsung’s latest ad, starring David Beckham, who may figure prominently in this summer’s games.

It’s a natural fit, considering that Beckham plays soccer for the LA Galaxy and the ad itself is promoting the Galaxy Note, a device which lets users "write" on the screen with a stylus. In the new spot, created by agency Cheil USA and directed by Tool’s Jason Zada, a wall full of various-sized drums awaits newly blossomed percussionist Beckham to activate it with so many soccer balls. After someone instructs him on where to aim (using the Galaxy Note, naturally), Beckham conjures up a soccer-symphonic "Ode to Joy" with his mighty foot.